About us

Internal peace movement-BANInternal peace movement was announced on 14-6-2016 by press conference after long efforts.It consists of a group of well- known characters from the four parts of Kurdistan and outside it.BAN specificationsIt is a philosophical, peaceful, civil and an independent movement, it has nothing to do with any political parties and does not oppose any of them and it has no place for violence in it.

BAN believes in:
1- The ability of internal peace to achieve the progress of the society and preserving the justice and rights, spreading happiness and stability.
2- Because of the lack of the internal peace in Kurdish society and among the Kurdish political forces in Kurdistan, they could not get their legitimate rights in the past, neither now nor in the future.
3- Achieving the internal peace purpose,    the peace mentality should be given a higher rank in Kurdish society and their social and political culture.
4- Kurdish political forces should create peace mentality and put it into practice otherwise, they could not get Kurdish legitimate rights and the freedom of Kurdish people and they would have no prestigious position among neighboring nations in order to achieve peace with them.

The main goals: 
A- Social peace:

  1. BAN works for spreading the culture and the mentality of internal peace in the civil society and among the Kurdish people in Kurdistan and outside it.
  2. BAN aims to remove the mentality of the enmity and quarrel and their effects upon Kurdish society. Sometimes this happened because of the fight between two young boys, hundreds of people are led to it and they kill each other and cause a great enmity in the tribe, so a small event could led to a big battle many people could be killed or injured. Due to this kind of mentality, hundreds of women, girls are being killed or tortured each year, as in the case of honor crimes.

B- Political peace
BAN is working for:

  1. Solving the problems and crisis among the political forces from one side and in the four parts of Kurdistan through dialogue in accordance with the principles of the national interests away from violence.
  2. Strengthening and following up peace policy, and mutual respect and friendship among Kurdish People, Arabs and Persians.
  3. Internal peace movement supports Kurdish political forces in the four parts of Kurdistan in order to solve the Kurdish question by peace methods away from violence.