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Today 16th March, is the memory of the tragedy of the Kurdish city of Halabja. Thirty-three years have passed since this tragedy, but to this day the spilling of innocent Kurdish blood has not stopped. In (1988) the Arabic Ba’ath Party and Saddam Hussen’s genocide of Kurds and the role of western governments, and organisations

By: Dilman Ahmed. Republic of Ireland March 16th 2021 The Anfal Camapign. AL-Anfal is Arabic for the spoils of war.

This interview was conducted exclusively for “BAN” or the Kurdish Peace Organisation

The interview aims to facilitate the appreciation and recognition of a humanitarian and civil organization in Iraqi Kurdistan, which is

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BAN visits the Patriarch Mar Mar Gewargis III, to wish them a Happy Easter

Internal Peace Movement-IPM (BAN) headed by Dr. Musa Kaval with Mr. Arif Ramadan and Mr. Mohammed Hemmo visits Mar Gewargis III,